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Madagascar jasmine, Stephanotis floribunda, is a popular houseplant for the greenhouse or conservatory, grown for its glossy leaves and fragrant flowers from spring to autumn.

For best results grow in a large container of humus-rich, well-drained compost in a well-lit room but out of direct sunlight. In the greenhouse it’s a good idea to use shade paint on the glass to prevent scorching. Summer temperatures of 21°C are ideal and winter temperatures of 13-15°C should be maintained, however plants will tolerate a low of 10°C.

Stephanotis requires high humidity levels and containerised plants should be placed on a gravel tray in summer. In warm summers, lightly spray the foliage with water in the morning. Feed fortnightly between April and October with a high-potassium, liquid feed such as tomato food. Water sparingly in winter. Little pruning is required.

Stephanotis floribunda

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