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Little Gardeners

We all love gardening! And sharing this joy with your little ones could help them in ways you’ve never imagine.

Gardening offers so many fun and interesting activities for children, but also, teaches them invaluable lessons.

Here we share some great benefits of gardening for children:

  1. It helps them with their sensory development because they feel different textures like the soil, seeds, flowers, wood, and petals. They also get to smell all the amazing flower scents and see all the colourful petals & leaves.

  2. If you encourage kids to grow their own vegetables, they will gain interest in eating them too ( the ultimate secret to help them like vegetables!).

  3. It helps them to experience certain educational topics they may be learning at school! Such as seasons, weather, life cycles, plant varieties, and other scientific concepts.

  4. Enhances their creativity! There are several fun gardening arts and crafts –such as the ones we share here in Little Growers– that will allow them to explore all their creative capabilities and enhance their senses in clever ways!

  5. Gardening fosters family bonding as it is an activity that everyone can be involved in.

  6. It connects kids with nature and they learn how important it is to take care of it and that they’re never too young to make an impact in the world.

  7. And most amazingly, it teaches two virtues that will help them throughout their life: responsibility and patience. Why? Because growing any sort of plant requires daily attention, care, and a level of responsibility.

  8. Digging into the soil is good for kids. While it may seem ‘dirty’, digging into the soil, which is full of microbes, can help build up their immune system and as a result, help reduce chronic conditions such as certain allergies, asthma, and diabetes.

As you can see, gardening is a wonderful and magical thing that should be part of every child’s upbringing as it brings so many benefits as well as allowing them to have fun.

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