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  • 🌹 Wax: the waxed and treated Amaryllis bulb has a stand and can stand and blossom anywhere as an unusual decorative element, long-lasting and beautiful.
  • 🌹 Decoration: very easy-care and romantic flower in gift set, great ornament for the home, whether as a table decoration, in beautiful vases, for the office or as an unusual thank you. An extremely durable and long-lasting bloom.
  • 🌹 Easy care: the waxed bulb requires neither soil, fertiliser, nor water Find a beautiful bright location of your choice in the house, garden or office and let the big blossom shine. No work or maintenance required
  • 🌹 Gift idea: natural and herbal gift – organic. Give your partner, girlfriend or mother some love and a beautiful plant with great flower.

Hippeastrum Waxed

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