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Gladiolus murielae (formerly known as Acidanthera murielae), sometimes known as the Peacock Orchid or Abyssinian gladiolus, is a wonderful plant to have in your late summer garden. The flowers feature double star shapes: The outer pure white petals, themselves arranged in a star, play host to a smaller deep purple star round the bloom’s heart where bright yellow stamens add a touch of gold. The flowers of Gladiolus murielae bow their heads slightly at the top of tall and slender stems which emerge from a plant which is likely to reach just under a metre in height and features grey-green and sword-like foliage.

Gladiolus murielae's contribution to the garden is enhanced by the beautiful fragrance this flower emits. It will grow well in containers or in beds or borders.

Gladioli Callianthus Murielae prepack bulbs

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