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Asparagus ferns have airy and delicate foliage that looks like the leaves of asparagus but arches gracefully, like a fern – hence their name. They’re not actually ferns, but members of the lily family, and hail from the humid forests of southern Africa. They make excellent house plants. 

There are two main types of asparagus fern – Asparagus setaceus and Asparagus densiflorus. Asparagus setaceus (also known as lace fern or Asparagus plumosus) has the most delicate foliage – it’s much loved by florists for flower arranging. Asparagus densiflorus (foxtail fern, emerald fern or plume asparagus) has foliage that look more like a brush or a fox’s tail.

Asparagus ferns look lovely tumbling from a shelf or plant stand, or in a hanging planter. They also look good grouped with other plants, especially those with contrasting leaf shapes.

Asparagus setaceus Plumosus 7cm

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