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Yuccas are evergreen shrubs and trees from hot, dry areas of north and central America. Many are hardy and can be grown outside, but tender types can be grown as house plants. The most popular is Yucca elephantipes (also sold as Yucca guatamalensis or Yucca gigantea), also known as spineless yucca, or yucca cane. It has an impressive crown of spiky leaves on top of a palm-like trunk, making it a good focal point.

Yucca is a great plant for beginners as it’s easy to grow, tolerant of neglect and can be very long-lived. Unlike many house plants, it can cope with a spot in bright sunshine, so is a good plant for a sunny corner where little else will thrive. Yuccas store water at their base, so are tolerant of drought.

Yuccas are slow growing, so can take time to reach their ultimate size. As the plant grows, it may produce offsets at the base, giving a multi-stemmed look.

Yucca Plant in Ceramic Pot

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