For a moss-free lawn Westland Lawn Sand is ideal. It is used to control moss in established lawns. Lawn Sand blackens the moss and thickens the lawn, as well as making it a lush green colour. It also helps improve drainage for lawns growing on heavy soils.

  • Traditional moss treatment
  • Kills moss in days
  • Feeds for greener and thicker results

Westland Lawn Seed Moss Treatment 16kg

  • Why Use

    Each granule contains a blend of two ingredients that work together to condition your lawn:

    1. Lawn Fertiliser – a nitrogen fertiliser that feeds the grass, encourages growth, delivers a deeper green colour and a healthier lawn.

    2. Ferrous Sulphate – kills the moss causing it to blacken and die

    • Promotes drainage for lawns growing on heavy soils
    • Kills moss quickly
    • Greens up lawns

    What to Expect

    Your lawn should thicken and become a lush green colour. The moss will blacken as it dies. Any blackening of grass is only temporary and will grow out as you continue mowing.

    Dead moss can be removed by raking or scarify 7-14 days after treatment.

    Re- treatment may be necessary for heavy moss infestation, or if moss returns.

    Do not apply more than 2 times in any one season. Allow 40 days between applications.