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Aftercut All in One Autumn has been specially formulated to control moss and keep your lawn strong and healthy over the winter months.

  • Kills moss effectively
  • Greens, feeds & conditions
  • Stronger root system to improve nutrient uptake
  • Produces a hard wearing lawn to withstand the winter months
  • NPK 4-5-15

Westland After Cut All in One Autumn Feed

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  • Why Use
    Iron will kill the moss, creating less competition and healthier, stronger lawn to withstand winter stress conditions
    Potassium helps to move the energy to the roots for  essential storage over the winter months
    The right amount of nitrogen will green up your lawn while avoiding excessive growth prior to winter

    What to Expect
    After 7 DAYS the lawn will become greener

    Moss will blacken as it dies (any blackening of the grass is only temporary)

    Re-treatment may be necessary for heavy moss infestation or if moss returns re-treat 6 weeks later


    NPK 4-5-15 –  Contains Iron Sulphate Heptahydrate

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