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NOT for the faint hearted! This is one of the world's hottest chilli's and naga chilli's have been measured at over 1 million Scoville heat units (SHU). The naga is a constituent of the world's hottest curry so if you like spice and are brave enough to try it this is the chilli for you! This is the first F1 naga chilli meaning it will give the sturdiest shaped plant consistent every time you grow it along with an abundance of fiery hot peppers for use in cooking or slicing for salads on disease resistant foliage. As with all hot peppers do not touch eyes or other sensitive areas until you haave washed your hands with soap and water! Vigorous sturdy stems. Hot, tart and smoky flavour.

Unwins Pepper (Chilli) NagaYellow Blaze F1 Seeds

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