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This is a Peace Lilly with beautiful pink flowers made with pink dye in the water. . Spathiphyllum Bellini is a wonderfully elegant houseplant, that makes the perfect gift. A popular choice for a home or office, being a luxuriant foliage plant as well as producing beautiful flowers. It’s also great at cleaning the air - good looks and health benefits too, what more could you ask for?  The pink flowers are made with pink dye in the water, and the flowers will eventually revert to white. 

Peace Lilies are also remarkably easy to look after for something so exotic looking - keep them in a semi-shaded position and you’re on the right track.  Think of them peeping out of the dappled shade in the rainforest and you’ll have the right idea for their care. A lot of people assume that tropical plants must like full sun but generally with rainforest plants that’s not the case - the forest provides lots of shade so many plants prefer not to be in the full glare of the sun.

Houseplants really are good for mental and physical health - and if you can’t get to the rainforest to enjoy the experience, let the rainforest come to you!

Spathiphyllum Bellini

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