A mixture of many attractive low-growing sedum varieties representing a wide range of foliage types and flower colours. They are low maintenance, durable and interesting. They enhance the appearance of green roofs and rockeries due to differing leaf forms, flower colours and extended flowering period. These drought-tolerant succulents are hardy and easy to grow, requiring minimal care, only full sun and good drainage to thrive.
Harvest permitting this mix includes: S. reflexion, S. spathulifolium, S. album hybrids, S. aizoon and many others in full foliage and flowering colour range.

Sedum are tough and easy to grow and will thrive and spread in droughty rockery edges in full sun. They will tolerate shade but prefer a position in full sun if they are to bloom well.
In summer, dense clusters of blooms smother the evergreen plants. In some varieties the flowering can be so dense that the leaves are completely hidden. If started early, it forms a nice dense ground cover the very first season. If the weather is favourable, they will flower within six months. If left, the sedum will self-seed in August or September.

Sedums are suitable for use in alpine gardens, troughs and other containers and successfully complement other rock-garden plants. Planted containers with other succulents they make wonderful components for miniature or fairy gardens.
Sedum make unusual and often showy ground covers and are successfully used as alternatives to lawns and green roofs. They can be used for edging a pathway or for the rock garden where they can be can grown around rocks or anchored into crevices of walls.They are also wonderful components for vertical walls. Sedum strut their stuff where many other plants dare not venture!

Sedum - mixed varieties