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These plants are survivors even if you are a self-confessed “plant killer”. Caring for the Sansevieria is easy as it only needs to be watered once every few weeks. A top tip from our grower, overwatering can be the Snake Plant’s kryptonite. We suggest giving them approximately 300ml of water every few weeks or once a month and they will last a long and healthy life in your home or office. After 6 months, you could also feed them a generic houseplant feed every couple of months for optimum growth.

At The Little Botanical, we recommend that for larger plants, it is best to pop them in the sink with a few inches of water and allow the water to soak up for around 10 minutes. Then the plant only takes up what it needs. For the smaller Punk variety, water the plant once a month straight into the soil rather than on the leaves and don’t let the soil stay too soggy.

These plants will grow well and last for a long time. Sansevieria are also generally fairly pest resistant.  Not many of the usual pests like them! They are healthy plants that are unlikely to be affected by pests or disease, so perfect for a plant newbie.

Sansevierias are the perfect houseplants, given they don’t require a lot of water.  They will grow best in bright, filtered light. Furthermore, they will also tolerate partial light conditions, so if they are in a darker corner in our home, you don’t need to worry too much.

Sadly, they are toxic to pets, so keep them away from your cat or dog, especially if they are likely to attempt a nibble! For a full list of plants that are safe for a pet-loving household

Sansevieria mix 12cm

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