With the purple raspberry Autumn Passion® we can now imagine the fusion of the best properties of both raspberry worlds: the fruit size is about twice to three times the size of Black Jewel, the colour is dark purple and blends the black with the red of the well-known garden raspberry, the aroma still has the resinous-smoky tone of black raspberry, but with significantly more fruitiness. This is the main thing: Autumn Passion® bears fruit on the one-year-old canes starting the 2nd week of August.
This last point is especially important when you consider that the black raspberries (and, unfortunately, also Autumn Passion®) are relatively thorny: yes, we have not yet been able to get all the bad qualities out of the American raspberry...after all, the autumn-bearing Autumn Passion® can be cut back to the ground in February, which is much easier and, above all, significantly less bloody than the attempt to retie the original black raspberries for a second year (which is necessary for all summer-bearing black raspberries).

Raspberry Autumn Passion 2ltr

  • Cultivation: Bears fruit on one-year-old canes from the second week of August; cut back all of the canes to the ground in the spring
    Maturity: Approx. 10th of August to the end of September, continuous, very high yield
    Fruits: Round fruits, sometimes frosted slightly white. The colour is similar to black raspberries, but with a clear purple appearance. Double the size of 'Black Jewel'
    Flavour: Very juicy, with the fruitiness of the European raspberries, but also with the special aroma of black raspberries that somehow tastes exotic and "resinously" smoky. I have always called them “smoke berries”.
    Growth: Vigorous growing, with thorns, which are slightly smaller than the ones on black raspberries
    Health: Strong and healthy growth, no cane diseases. Young plants planted in the spring can already have an average yield in the first year.