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Pilea peperomiodes, also known as the Chinese money plant, missionary plant, pancake plant, the pass-it-along plant and the UFO plant, has a dome of beautiful and unusual leaves that look like small lily pads.

The Chinese money plant hails from southern China, and was first brought to the UK at the start of the twentieth century. It’s very easy to propagate, so circulated quietly among house plant enthusiasts (hence its nickname, the pass-it-along plant) but it was practically unheard until it became popular on social media a few years ago. Despite this, Pilea peperomiodes can be quite hard to get hold of – it’s best to go to a specialist house plant shop or online supplier. It’s also expensive, so if you have a friend with a plant, ask them to pot up one of the many babies that pop up around its base for you.

Pilea peperomiodes is an easy going plant that is good for beginners as it’s quite forgiving of neglect in terms of watering and feeding. But treat it well and it will reward you with fast growth, glossy green leaves and lots of babies at the base.

Each Pilea peperomiodes grows slightly differently and your plant is likely to grow more upright as it matures. Older plants may produce tiny flowers.

Pilea peperomiodes

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