Miscanthus sinensis Red Chief (Chinese Silver Grass)

A bold yet non invasive clump forming grass, the narrow green foliage arches at the leaf tips to produce a neat and tidy fountain-like effect right through the season. By autumn the leaves turn to an attractive yellow shade often with Autumnal red shades at the tips before finally turning light brown over the Winter after the first frosts. Late in the season bold silky brown-red flower spikes appear above the clumps bringing welcome height and drama, they are then retained during the winter to give extra interest.

This is a great plant to keep the show going right into Winter in a mixed border, they combine especially well with other late season plants such as Echinacea or Sedum, they also look great in bold clumps where there architectural shape will soften the hard lines of buildings and other structures.

Grow Miscanthus sinensis Red Chief in a sunny spot, any well drained soil is suitable.

Miscanthus Red Chief