This tree is one of the very best Malus varieties for crab apple jelly due to the size, flavour and pectin level of its fruit. Malus 'John Downie' produces a mass of large, plum-like, red and yellow flushed apples that mature early but last well into the winter. Earlier in the year, a blanket of white flowers open from pink buds which are very popular amongst bees, making it a useful pollinator for apple trees. Foliage is mid-green with good autumn colour in fiery shades of yellow, bronze and orange.

This fruiting Malus tree has an upright habit when young and arches in maturity, reaching an estimated height and spread of 5 x 3 metres in 20 years. Also known as a Flowering Crab Apple tree, 'John Downie' is suited to most conditions but thrives in moist, well-drained soil. A really beautiful tree that is deservedly popular.

Malus John Downie Tree