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The Kalanchoe tomentosa succulent, perhaps more commonly known as the panda plant, is a real eye-catcher.

The panda plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa) is perfect for plant beginners as it requires very little maintenance. Even if you forget to water it, the Kalanchoe tomentosa can actually survive on the water stored in its leaves.

Kalanchoe tomentosa succulents belong to the Crassulaceae family. The term “tomentosus” comes from Latin meaning “felt-like” and the plant is often referred to as panda plant, cat ears, pussy ears or even donkey ears on account of its velvety soft, almost furry leaves. The water-storing leaves are fleshy, white-felted and pointed-oval in shape, usually arranged in a rosette. They are grey green in colour with red or brown, dotted edges.

Kalanchoe Tomentosa mix

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