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No more untangling links in the cold and snow! With textile snow chains, you can face up to sudden weather changes with no worries.

ISSE chains meet EC standards, are certified, among others, to ONORM 5121, and can be washed and re-used.

Quick to fit and easy to transport, there is no risk of them damaging your rims and they are compatible with ABS, EPS systems, etc. They allow pleasant, vibration-free driving, unlike metal chains, and speeds of up to 50 k.p.h.
The CLASSIC model is an excellent choice for emergency situations, after heavy falls of snow, for example. Suitable for cars, people carriers and 4x4s.
It has TriboTek and Activ3D technology, special patented weave which provides better adhesion, even on thick snow.
Important, to maximise the life of your snow socks, take them off as soon as you reach dry road.

Characteristics :
Fitting: Very easy
Adhesion on snow: Very good
Adhesion on ice: Good
Durability: Good
Composition: 100% polyolefin
Machine washable at 30°

Installation of textile snow chains: child's play!

Work the sock over the tyre, as if it was a hood, and pull it down as far as possible. Move the vehicle forwards or backwards slightly until the chain covers the remaining part of the tyre and it is completely encased. Now drive! The chains will centre themselves automatically on the tyre as you drive.


In order to find out if your vehicle is chainable, please verify your car's manual.

ISSE Tyre Snow Socks

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