Hydrangea macrophylla; perhaps one of the best known garden plants. Originally from Japan these robust and reliable plants produce a truly amazing display in summer and autumn. Hydrangea macrophylla Doppio Bianco (also known as Wedding Gown and Dancing Snow) is a fantastic, extended flowering, recent introduction. A lovely, very compact, Hydrangea with double white florets, on lacecap flower heads that contrast beautifully against the backdrop of mid green foliage. A super compact, very floriferous cultivar that can flower over a long period from June to September. Ideal for patios or where space is limited. Hydrangeas are very easy to grow in a slighlty shady location with a reasonable quality moist soil. They can be grown in the garden or in a pot or container. In containers use a good quality John Innes compost as this plant will be there a long time and peaty types of compost eventually degrade; become too packed and choke the roots. Ensure you feed regularly as a hungry plant is a poor performer. We recommend Osmoscote pro 8-9 month applied in the early spring. One application gives all the nutrients the plant requires for the whole year. John Innes is a soils based compost.

Hydrangea Bright White