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Hoya Curtisii, also known as Wax Flower or Porcelain Flower is a compact trailing Hoya - a succulent - which has pretty green, spade shaped leaves with silver blue variegation. Hoya Curtisii are native to the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia, tropical rainforest environments.


Although the Hoya Curtisii is tolerant of low humidity in the home, they will do better in a humid environment. Like many other hanging houseplants, this Hoya Curtisii would like a steamy bathroom or warm kitchen - the closest thing in a house to its native tropical home!

Being quite small, this Wax Flower will be happy sitting on a shelf or placed into a hanging pot. It would make a good house plant gift for someone - a really unusual and exciting present for someone special.

Hoya Curtisii can be slow to grow at first but with time will be tumbling out of your pot giving a cascade of green and silver variegated leaves.  

Hoya Curtisii

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