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Protect crops in your garden against weather conditions, pests and birds using the Grow-It Polythene Grow Tunnel. When using the Grow-It Polythene Grow Tunnel you may be able to plant earlier than usual as it helps to warm the soil, creating an optimum growing environment. 

The Grow-It Polythene Grow Tunnel is great for extending seasonal growing time in the garden, while also offering protection against the elements. Easy to set up, the Grow-It Polythene Grow Tunnel also has side lifts for ease of access and ventilation. 

At Kennedys Home & Garden we have a range of Grow-It Tunnels available to suit your gardening needs! 


How to set up your Grow-It Polythene Grow Tunnel: 

  • Push the hoops directly into the ground and cover with the material 
  • Tie the material with wire to secure to the hoops 


Features of the Grow-It Polythene Grow Tunnel

  • Polythene Grow Tunnel 
  • Ideal for protecting crops against weather conditions, pests and birds 
  • Increases soil temperature – extends seasonal growing 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Side lifts – easy access and ventilation 
  • 7 hoops + 3 m of sheet cover 
  • Size: H 40cm x W 50cm x L 310cm 

Grow It Grow Tunnel with Polythene cover

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