Gardman No Grow Seed Mix is a no mess and no waste mix. The gardener’s choice –  a seed mix that contains no germinating seeds!

  • A blend of sunflower hearts, peanut bites and suet treats
  • No grow – No weeds – Non germinating seeds
  • Suitable for use in seed feeders, on bird tables and feeding
  • Use with a Gardman Seed Feeder



Gardman No Grow Seed Mix

PriceFrom €7.95
  • Why Use Gardman No Grow Seed Mix

    ‘No Grow’ means that none of the seeds in this mix will start germinating if they fall onto the ground and in your garden. This is a common problem that many people have when feeding the birds seed mixes.


    What to Expect

    Gardman No Grow Seed Mix will attract the following birds:

    • Chaffinches
    • Blue Tits
    • Great Tits
    • Long-tailed Tits
    • Robins
    • Dunnocks and many more!