Why are these Happy Bee Bulbs good for nature?

Bees perform important tasks in our ecosystem and are, therefore, indispensable for the environment. We need their help to grow fruits and vegetables. For bees to survive, they need flowers.

As food sources dwindle, so do bee numbers. With this special flower mixture, you can create the best habitat for bees and other small insects. Also, you can enjoy the beguiling beauty of the various flowers in your garden or on your balcony.

Plant between March and May planting 20cm apart and 5-10cm deep. Suitable for sunny borders or pots.

Will flower between June and October

The height of plants will be between 40cm and 100cm

Content coverage is 1-metre square.

Add beautiful colour to your garden by planting these nectar-rich flowers for butterflies this spring.

Flowerbulbs bag x 80 Happy Bee Mixed