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Ferns are well loved by gardeners. It's easy to see why – the dramatic unfurling of new fern fronds in spring is one of the highlights of the new gardening season. There’s a fantastic range of evergreen and deciduous ferns to choose from. Hardy ferns work well in many garden situations while tender types make wonderful house plants or terrarium specimens. Some ferns are suited for shade and others for full sun – make sure you choose the right fern for the right spot.

How to grow ferns

Choose the right spot for your fern, ensuring you have a shade-loving fern for a shady spot and a sun-loving fern for a sunny location. Most ferns thrive in a moist but well-drained, alkaline soil, although others prefer an acidic medium. Remove dead or damaged fronds from perennial ferns in spring.

Ferns Mixed in Wooden Pot

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