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Given enough space and time, Fagus sylvatica Atropunicea, the European Purple or Copper Beech, is a large broadleaf tree that will grow into a magnificent specimen. Left to grow freely, Fagus sylvatica Atropunicea will form a broad oval crown which will eventually reach anything from 60-100 feet (20-30m) given the right conditions. The leaves open wine-coloured and mature to deep purple by mid-summer, then turn coppery red in autumn. This is also the time for production of beechnuts or mast, which provide a feast for wildlife and was traditionally used for fattening free-range pigs. Makes excellent timber for carpentry and firewood.


Copper Beech makes an excellent hedge , its foliage turns copper-red in autumn and when clipped as a hedge, it will usually hold the dry, straw-colored leaves throughout the Winter, so even being deciduous, it will still provide good privacy and screening.


Fagus Sylvatica Copper Beech 2ltr

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