Mexican fleabane, Erigeron karvinskianus, is a charming slender plant native to Mexico, but has established itself in many Mediterranean areas and dry gardens in Britain. It looks lovely creeping down the sides of stone or brick steps or tucked in wall crevices, where it both seeds itself and also spreads slowly with its rhizomatous roots.

Erigeron karvinskianus ‘Profusion’ bears masses of flowers (in profusion) from May to November. While they are white when they open, the daisy-like flowers gradually become pink with age, so different shades of flower will be found on one plant.

Erigeron Karvinskianus Profusion (Mexican Fleabane)

  • Botanical name: Erigeron karvinskianus 'Profusion'
    Common name: Mexican fleabane
    Family: Asteraceae
    Plant Type: Perennial, Deciduous
    Flower colour:


    Foliage colour:

    Key features:
    Attractive to wildlife Flowers Succeeds on poor soil