A useful flower for filling that late summer/early autumn lull, the daisy-like blooms of Echinacea White Meditation reach for the sun with cheerful energy. Echinacea is a compact, clump-forming perennial of upright growth that forms solitary flowerheads with swept-back white petals and ochre-yellow central discs. The central cones appear to be on the cusp of bursting. Interestingly, the cones comprise many tiny flowers, and what we think of as the petals are actually sterile flowers or florets whose purpose is to draw in the pollinating insects, and it is an extremely successful arrangement! Once pollinated, the outer petals drop off and the cone becomes an attractive seedhead.

White Meditation has masses of flowers, and attractive seedheads, which you can leave on for winter interest. Attractive to butterflies and bees, and flowering for a long period, this is a great choice for a garden border, either dotted about or in massed drifts. Try pairing Echinacea White Meditation with grasses for a prairie effect, or with Euphorbia. As it is fairly compact, you can also use it to good effect in a pot.

Echinacea White Meditation