A larger sized Dutch crocus which has a larger bulb than the species so can be planted in thicker grass in wilder parts of your garden, the flowers are coloured white with vertical purple strips that look like they have been painted on by hand with a very fine brush, this contrasts beautifully with the bright orange centers that show off in full sun. Crocus Pickwick offers a cheerful Spring display to any garden. Great for Bees and other early pollinators.


Site: Tolerates exposure
Position: All aspects in full sun or partial shade
Soils: Moderately fertile well-drained
Planting Period: September/ December
Flowering Period: February
Planting: Depth 5” (12 cm), Spacing 3” (8 cm)
Height:   10 cms
Count: 50 bulbs

Crocus Pickwick Large Flowering Spring Bulbs 50 Pack