Crocosmias, also known as montbretias, may come from South Africa, but they’re perfectly ready to make themselves at home in UK gardens. Crocosmias are hugely popular among landscapers thanks to their almost sure-fire success in almost any soil, their bold form, and their arching flower stems. The long-lasting blooms make them popular with those who are gardening for the vase – and the montbretia is so easy to grow that even the rawest beginner gardener should be able to produce spectacular results. But which variety should you choose? If you want the best of all the Crocosmia colours, you’ll find them combined in this mixture.

* Crocosmia are hardy perennials and flower every year once established. After planting, they will flower from their second year onwards. In the first year they may produce foliage only.

Crocosmis crocosmiiflora MixedVarieties Prepack Summer Bulbs

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