For many people in Ireland, the emergence of the native Bluebell is the sign that Spring has sprung. Indeed from April through to May, Hyacinthoides non-scripta shows off its stunning tubular, purplish-blue flowers, curving backwards at the tips, four to fifteen on a smooth green raceme arching under their weight. This is a bulbous, clump-forming and spreading native wildflower of which the fragrance is quite something: a perfect classic woodland plant for any gardener that enjoys colour and scent.

Site: Sheltered
Position: Partial shade, preferably under deciduous trees
Soil: Any moist, fertile soil high in humus
Planting Period: Dry Bulbs in Autumn, Bulbs ‘In the green’ in Spring and potted bulbs year round
Flowering period: April/ May
Planting: Depth 4 – 6” (10 -15 cm), Spacing 4” (10cm) scatter on the ground and plant where they land for a natural effect.
Height: 25cm

Type: Spring Bulbs
Count: 35 Bulbs

Bluebells Non-Scripta Spring Bulbs 35 Pack