An eye-catching low growing, variegated, evergreen garden shrub of a compact and mound forming habit, the small lance shaped green and silver variegated leaves providing a superb backdrop to its abundance of tubular, bright pink flowers produced from May through to June. A stunning addition to any garden providing all year round interest which will brighten any garden border, while equally happy as a container plant for the patio or gravelled area.

Looking After Your Azalea Japonica Silver Queen

A surprisingly easy to grow evergreen shrub which will thrive quite happily grown in a container or the open ground within the shrub border or specimen plant, an eye catching addition giving year round colour to any garden, preferring a slightly acidic humus rich or loamy soil, providing it is well drained, using a good mulch of well rotted leaf mould in the Autumn will help protect the roots from any frosty weather during the Winter months, although quite hardy some Winter protection from very strong, cold winds will be beneficial.

Azalea Silver Queen