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Aloe vera (or Aloe barbadensis, or Barbados aloe) is an attractive house plant with spiky, fleshy leaves that are serrated at the edges. It’s a succulent that hails from hot, arid regions of the world, and stores water in its leaves. It therefore doesn’t need much watering, which makes it an excellent, low maintenance plant for beginners.

Aloe vera is also known as the first aid plant, as its sap is used to soothe burns, scalds, sunburn, skin irritations and insect bites. Cut away a leaf at the base, cut down its length and rub the sap directly on to skin.

Aloes look good on their own but combine really well with other succulents and cacti in a bright spot. In summer, you can put your aloe outside. It may produce a yellow tubular flower, but it’s mostly grown for its attractive shape.  

Aloe Vera House Plant

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