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Purple' make sweet music in your garden this summer! Deep purple buds sit pretty atop a chorus of paler, lilac-striped flowers—and the colour certainly does ‘pop’ against a backing track of snazzy lime green stems. Framed against the bass notes of its glossy dark green foliage, the intense colour will really sing out.

A particularly fast-growing variety, Agapanthus 'Poppin Purple' has a long flowering period, and plenty of blooms—so you expect quite a show from this star performer, provided it has full sun and a well-drained growing position. At 60cm, this flamboyant variety like this would make a great centrepiece for a front garden, perhaps framed by waving grasses—or would happily fit into a herbaceous border to provide mid-height interest. Agapanthus 'Everpanthus® Poppin' Purple' can also be grown in containers, making it versatile addition to any summer scheme.

Agapanthus Poppin Purple

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