Achillea Salmon Beauty

Salmon Beauty is most unfussy plant, with stunning gentle salmon-orange flat flower heads that fade to a pink and creamy-white colour as they age. Have a look at the rest of our range of achilleas for sale.

If you have a dry garden (think metered water) of if you want a plant that's going to perform without to much effort from you then Achillea Salmon Beauty is the answer to your dreams. 

This is one of a range of hybrids between Achillea Taygetea and Achillea millefolium (our native common yarrow), known as the Galaxy Hybrids. Like the latter it also has attractive, highly dissected leaves which have a silvery/grey tinge.

An open sunny position in a moist but well-drained soil is best, but it will tolerate most situations apart from heavy, wet clay in winter...

Great In Your Garden...

Achilleas are one of the best plants to use in a Piet Oudolf-inspired prairie planting scheme, along with grasses and late summer-flowering perennials - their flat flower heads make a good contrast to upright forms.

They're drought-tolerant when established, so are a good choice for sunny borders in areas of low rainfall, or in gravel gardens with sharp drainage. One thing they will not tolerate is waterlogging, so make sure drainage is good.

Salmon Beauty's drought tolerance makes them easy to grow for beginners and children and they are suitable for large containers or in a low maintenance garden.

The flowers also dry very well, so it's worth planting a row in the cutting garden for winter supplies.

Achillea Salmon Beauty