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Gardening in March

March is a good time of year to do a final tidy-up and get ready for summer. If you give all your beds a good weed now, you’ll have less weeding to do later in the season. The best way to keep on top of weeds is to always try and pull them out when they are small and before they flower. You might need to give your grass a first cut, and if so, use a high setting on your mower. If you haven’t pruned your roses (include link) yet, do that now, and it’s a good time to prune and tidy up buddleias, the butterfly favourite.

Bedding Plants

Spring is in the air, time to add colour to your garden now with bedding plants, choose from a selection of Irish grown pansies, primulas/primroses, carnations, bellis and Ivy/hedera. They will instantly brighten up your garden in beds or pots.


Pot of the Month

This month’s combination is a cordyline, some carnations, bellis, and ivy. A cordlyine is an evergreen plant, available in different colours which they look good all round. This gives your pot height. Combine it with bellis which is in the daisy family, and add in some carnations for a burst of colour. Finally,  ivy so that you have something trailing down the pot. Later in the season the bellis and carnations will die back, and you can replace them with more seasonal bedding plants so your pot looks good all year round

Perennials and Shrubs

Now that summer is around the corner there is a good selection of perennials to plant. Here are some Irish grown plants that you can plant now. 

  • Iberis (candytuft)

  • Alium Spring Heathers

  • Hebe Rhodanthemum Echinops Delphimium Digitalis (foxglove).

Heathers are a great addition to your garden, they are easy to look after and bees love them.  Hebes are a reliable plant that looks good all year round. There are several hebes that have been bred in Ireland, so support local and plant a hebe!


Fruit and Vegetables

Get some early potatoes in, and plant some tomato seeds indoors. It’s also a good time to plant out cauliflower seedlings. You might think about putting in a blackberry bush. They start quite slowly, but by the second year they reach up to 2m with a spread of about 1m, and they’ll be covered with delicious fruit in autumn.

  • This is a good time to plant hedging such as beech, laurel, privet etc.  Prepare the ground by digging thoroughly and adding some compost if soil is poor or heavy clay.

  • Now is a good time to move plants in the wrong place. Don't forget to water well during dry spells . Treat as a new plant.

  • Cut back ornamental grasses before they start to grow.

  • Divide clumps of herbaceous perennials.

  • Start chitting (sprouting) seed potatoes. Place them in a light but frost-free place.

  • Prune apple and pear trees to keep them tidy.


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