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June Gardening

Bedding plants

By June, the danger of frost has passed, and there is a gorgeous selection of tender plants that will thrive in the summer weather. There are a huge variety of perlagoniums, begonias and fushias that are ideal to plant out now. It’s a good idea to get a selection of different plants, but don’t mix them up all together – plant all the begonias together, all the fushias together and so on. Plant them about 15cm apart – it looks a bit sparse at the beginning, but soon covers up.  It’s also a good time to plant sweet peas, new guinea impatiens (Bizzy Lizzy) ,  Antirrhinums(snap dragons), and petunias.


  This month we’d recommend a combination of:

  • Cosmos – for height

  • A perlagonium for body

  • Lobellia – to spill over the side.

  • Lobellia also look  fantastic in a hanging basket.


Summertime is when the perennials really thrive. Choose from a variety of, clematis, agapanthus, digitalis(foxglove), delphiniums, agastache, alstroemaria, anemone, scabious,   penstemons, phlox, and lilies. If you’re keen on looking after bees – and we should all be - then aliums and lupins should be your go to plants. Aliums are bulbs that you should plant in autumn, but they are also sold potted and ready grown – they are part of the onion family. Lupins are another bee favourite – it’s very satisfying seeing them popping in and out of flowers, working their way up the spike.



To help develop your garden, why not plant a Japanese laurel (aucuba japonica)? It’s an evergreen, so the beautiful dappled green and yellow leaves stay on the plant all year. It also gets red berries, which are eaten by birds.

Frost is not the friend of many fruit and vegetables, so now that risk has passed, it’s time to get going with a wide variety of plants.  If you’ve raised tomato seedlings indoors, now is the time to get them planted outside and staked. Check out our tomato grow guide to learn more!

You can also plant out pepper seedlings, cucumbers, courgettes and aubergines. A firm favorite of ours are French Beans – the seeds can be planted out now in beds or pots – they are very easy to grow, and in no time you will have fresh beans from the garden.

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